School Profile

Bona Vista Primary is a small, rural school with a proud history of educational excellence. It is a dynamic primary school situated in a picturesque setting, 5 kilometres south east of Warragul.

At Bona Vista we:

  • maintain lower class sizes to cater for individual learning needs and abilities,
  • provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment,
  • celebrate student learning in a variety of ways,
  • provide a wide range of opportunities and resources that reflect the goals and priorities of our school,
  • ensure that our parents, volunteers and community members feel welcomed and contribute to the school in a meaningful and engaging way.

Our Curriculum:

Student engagement is real at Bona Vista. Our students want to come to school.  Students are involved in learning that is meaningful, exciting and innovative. We recognise the importance of individualised learning and offer a balanced, comprehensive curriculum which is supported by a variety of staffing expertise. The daily curriculum includes English, Maths and integrated studies. Specialists provide specific weekly/ fortnightly programs in:

  • Physical Education– PE lessons, bike education, Yoga, Gymnastics and PMP (perceptual motor program).
  • Performing Arts– Music and drama. Student’s skills are showcased at the end of year concert, special events and at our assemblies.
  • Japanese– Students experience the cultural aspects as well as learning to speak, read and write Japanese.
  • Library– Mobile Resource Van is a travelling library. Students have specialised library sessions with borrowing.
  • Art– Students explore a range of techniques and styles to develop their appreciation and skills in Art.
  • Social Skills– Sessions focus on education about values, morals and behaviours.
  • Information Communication & Technology– Students use a range of devices including desktops, laptops, netbooks, ipads, cameras, digital microscopes and video cameras to develop knowledge and skills in this area.
  • Science & Sustainability– Students explore their world through understanding scientific concepts and learning the skills to reduce waste, power and water consumption and increase biodiversity.
  • Pets– Our students care for our chooks and learn valuable skills in doing so.

Our Families:

Our families are the fabric of our school. They contribute to every aspect of our school. They assist in the classroom with cooking, reading and small group work and help with our termly working bees and garden maintenance. We also have 2 active committees- School Council and a Gardening Group. These committees give every parent a voice and an opportunity to discuss and influence the direction of our school. Parents and teachers have been proud of the achievements of the school over many years and continue to insist on the school maintaining high standards.

Our Facilities:

Bona Vista Primary School has large, well maintained play areas including a tennis/ basketball court, adventure playground, oval, cubby and 3 sandpits. We have a large sports shed with organised equipment, a woodwork area, spacious multipurpose room, library, a vegetable garden, chooks and guinea pigs. A paved courtyard and landscaped gardens enables learning activities to extend outside. Beautiful established trees provide shade during the summer adding to this picturesque setting. Recent facilities include a Food Forest with vegetable beds, 2 open learning classrooms, Office/ Administration staff area, library space, sealed carpark and turning circle and a chook cage.