Reporting to Parents

Parents need to be kept informed about how their child is progressing at school. Teachers too, like to keep parents informed. By working together, you will know how your child is progressing.

As we are part of a vibrant rural community, teachers connect with parents on a weekly if not daily basis and information about the teaching and learning program and other related activities are constantly reflected upon and shared.

In June, parents receive a written report communicating their child’s achievements. Parent teacher meetings are also scheduled at the end of term 2 to discuss aspects of your child’s progress and areas for improvement.

In December, parents receive another written report about their child’s progress.

Regular communication between home and school is extremely important to foster positive partnerships. Parents are requested to contact their child’s teacher if they have any concerns about their child’s progress. Your child’s development and their learning is critical to us so we encourage you to ask questions and to ensure you know where your child is at.