HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION is a broad curriculum and includes the topics of Movement and Physical Activity and Health Knowledge and Promotion. Bona Vista focuses on providing a variety of activities for children with an emphasis on fitness, skill development, sportsmanship and enjoyment.Our students participate in weekly sport and physical education lessons. We also participate in the rural schools athletics program, Cross County and Winter Sport program for grades 3–6.

Our program includes:

Swimming- all children have the opportunity to participate in a program during Term 3 or 4.  The program is conducted by qualified staff.

Winter Sport- this activity is for grades 3-6 children who combine with students from other local schools.  Activities may include: tennis, volleyball, ten-pin bowling, badminton, racquet ball and netball.  There is a cost associated with some activities and for the bus into Warragul.

Bike Education- all students participate in Bike Education in Term 3 each year. Our students leave their bikes at school in the shed and are able to ride them every day during break times. A qualified staff member runs weekly Bike Education sessions and selects a team each year to participate in the local competition.

Athletic School Sports- our Rural Athletic School Sports day is held in Term 1 between the local schools. All grades participate with an emphasis on involvement.

PMP- (Perceptual Motor Program) this fitness program is used with the Junior students to develop skills in body awareness, visual and spatial, communication, balance and gross and fine motor.